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With over 20 years in manufacturing, our experience includes formulating skin, hair, baby, pet and homecare products.

Ensuring your product agrees with regulations in overseas markets and meets guidelines of accreditation bodies is an integral part of product development. We consider these aspects among others before embarking on this journey with you.


Innovative Product Development

Have you found a niche in the market for a new product? We can work on your idea together to make it happen! When formulating, it is vital to take into consideration quality and regulatory aspects as they apply to your product. We can help with the following:

Regulatory advice

Are you planning on exporting your product? Let’s make sure it will meet the regulations at the intended destination.

Quality Management System

With experience in ISO, APVMA, ACO standards, we can assist with development or upgrading of Quality Management Systems.

Technical Expert

Already have a formulator? Sometimes it helps to get another pair of eyes to look over your current projects.


Breaking down technical topics into easy to comprehend information is one of our specialities. You and your marketing team will better understand the science behind your product, ensuring improved communication with your target consumer.

Coming soon
Cosmetic Science Education and Training: Hands-on and theoretical training on the science behind cosmetic products.


Working collaboratively often yields the best outcome.

Collaboration with cosmetic ingredient and packaging suppliers, external laboratories, university resources, along with your own associates will give everyone a chance to contribute.

Input from numerous knowledgeable sources helps result in a well-considered design that can be easily upscaled in a manufacturing environment.


Get in touch to experience a collaborative approach to developing a product which resonates with your brand, ensuring quality and regulatory obligations are met. Your privacy is always assured.

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We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the Traditional Custodians of the Land we work on and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded and the impact of structural inequality that resulted from invasion continues to this day.